Cincinnati Newborn Sessions | Safe Newborn Photos

Cincinnati Newborn Sessions | Safe Newborn Photos

Oh, how I love photographing newborns. One of the saddest things to me was thinking about all those sweet babies that I wasn’t able to photograph during the shutdown!  Luckily now, with careful sanitation and precautions, I’m back to photographing newborns!

At the studio, I take your health very seriously, and that’s especially elevated when it comes to newborns. So while I might not be able to do as much baby snuggling as I used to, by wearing a mask and getting mom and dad in on the posing, it’s safe to have families back in and get those special photos.

To get those squishy, curly, special photos of newborns, it’s best to have them done within the first two weeks of birth. Before baby starts stretching out and finding the world and when they are still sleepy and less alert.

Parents and Siblings

Photos can be done just of the baby, but I always encourage parents and siblings to get in on the fun for a few photos to commemorate this amazing time when you’ve added on to the family!

I have many different headbands and wraps for babies in the studio. So, you don’t have to bring anything to the session!  We can work together to choose the right aesthetic for the photos depending on where you want to hang them. 

Of course, if you have something special that was a gift, or that you bought bring it along. All of the props and wraps are fully sanitized between each session.

The studio is kept at a very warm and cozy temp for babies, so they don’t get chilled. However, adults may want to think about wearing layers, so you don’t get too overheated!  

The goal is always safety first when it comes to newborns, so any of the poses you see here are done with parents just out of camera frame.

If you’re expecting or adding on to your family, I’d love to talk to you more about newborn sessions. All the sessions include time and talent and digital files, depending on the session that you book.

More information can be found here about the sessions, or call me at (513) 659-5840. 

Non-Traditional Session | Cincinnati Maternity Session

If there’s one good thing to come out of 2020, it’s that more and more people realize the fact that life is too short to not do it on your own terms.

MD and Adam are expecting a baby and decided that their Cincinnati maternity session should be… shall we say, unconventional?

I have not laughed this hard in a session in… well…

I’m not sure I have ever laughed as much behind the camera. 

They wanted the session to be as bold and as quirky as they are, showing off all their favorite things. Food and fun were definitely what they wanted to be highlighted, and MD said the best part about being pregnant is being able to eat all the things!

We looked for areas that had fun and interesting backdrops; the weirder, the better! It’s one of the things I love about urban sessions, a painted door or a funky mural is all you need.

These two are going to be amazing parents! When Adam busted out the watermelon, I thought, “this kid is going to be endlessly entertained.”

Having a baby anytime is a bit stressful, but having a baby during a pandemic adds another layer of uncertainty. Still, these two are full-on embracing all life has to offer and running with it.

You can feel when you are with MD and Adam that they don’t take themselves too seriously and that they truly love being together.

I can only imagine when baby arrives, their circle is going to be even more complete. Thank you for such a fun and amazing session, and for being a bit of light in the world when we all need it.

I can’t wait to see what life has in store for your new family!

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Watch Me Grow Sessions Cincinnati Ohio | Watch Miss Eloise Grow 

In the topsy-turvy world that 2020 has become, there’s nothing that can remind you that there are still so many good and simple things like a beautiful little baby born to two loving parents.

Little Miss Eloise may have come into a world that felt a little uncertain, but there’s no doubt this little beauty is here to make life a little sweeter. She is just such a total love, and we had so much fun together during her watch me grow session!

With her creamy skin, big blue eyes, and adorable shock of ginger hair, I knew a lighter colored background would show off all of her best features.

I love when babies give me so many different “looks” during their portrait sessions, and Eloise did not disappoint. Big gummy smiles, intense model-like looks staring directly into the camera, and she also showed me her favorite game, laying on her back and playing with her toes.

That Hair! No Product Needed

And that hair! No product needed, please, Miss Eloise has her own style, and I bet next time I see her those sweet little sprouts will have grown into some lovely locks. The best part about watch me grow sessions is seeing how different babies are in just a few short months!

The best part about my watch me grow sessions is you can customize anywhere from bump to the first year. I have several different plans depending on how many sessions you want, and how many milestones you want to be recorded.

Great outfit choices all around were made here, from sweet little dresses to a custom-monogrammed diaper cover, and let’s talk about that onesie!  What a great way to infuse a little humor into the session!

Miss Eloise, I cannot wait to see you grow. You’re a special little lady, and I think you can take on anything this world has to throw at you.

The Best Time To Do Sessions For Babies

  • Between 3-4 months, when they can smile and hold their head up independently
  • 7-8 months, when they are sitting all by themselves with no propping
  • 1St Birthday for the custom cake smash session

Do you have questions about safe socially distanced photo sessions? Don’t hesitate to contact me here & check out this blog post.

For many families, having portraits done yearly is a tradition that helps them mark time and revel in the growth of their family.  

Family photos are a reminder of what is really important in your life. There has been no time in recent history that it’s been clearer than after spending months sheltering in place with the COVID-19 pandemic; family is everything.

However, it can be unclear how to many people how family photos can be safely taken as we begin to reopen. Since there is no vaccine or cure at this time, it’s important that everyone involved with the process of having a family photo made adheres to the most recent safety standards.

If you’re unsure of where to start, here are some things you can talk about with your photographer and a few things you can expect.

Safe Family Photos during covid 19

Ask About Safety Measures in Studio Settings

If your photographer works out of a brick and mortar studio, ask them to detail their process of cleaning and sanitizing, as well as how they are able to pose you while maintaining a safe distance.

Safety Precautions You May See:

  • The photographer Wearing masks and/or gloves during the session
  • Taking temperatures of family members
  • Only allowing family members who live together in the studio
  • Showing how to pose by having you mirror them
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all equipment between sessions
  • Limiting sessions to one or a few a day
  • Providing hand sanitizer
  • Asking clients to remove shoes

For me and my studio, I’m only accepting 1 session per 24 hours so I have enough time to clean and sterilize the studio between sessions. All toys and products have also been removed from my space, and snacks will no longer be provided. All newborn wraps and baby outfits will be sanitized and cleaned before any session as well.

Like many photographers, I’m also only allowing immediate family into the studio after a hands-free temperature check with a touch-free thermometer. I also ask that shoes are left at the door upon entry.

I will also be wearing a mask and gloves while families are in the studio as well as washing my hands and using hand sanitizer prior to putting on my gloves. I’ll also be changing my clothes upon entry to the studio and when I leave before entering my home, and showering immediately before I leave my home and after sessions.

For clients coming into my studio, I’m requesting that outside items from home be kept to a minimum.

In the event of an illness, I’m asking that anyone who was unwell be fever-free for 48 hours before rescheduling their session.

socially distanced family photos

Consider an Outdoor Family Portrait Sessions In More Remote Locations

Cincinnati summers can be hot, but I’m working with my clients to try and schedule as many outdoor family portrait sessions as possible.

Outdoor photo sessions allow for more air circulation and may allow for more social distancing measures.  Look for photographers who know of locations that are off the beaten path rather than locations that may be crowded like public parks and beaches.

Some photographers may even have land outside their studio that they use for outdoor photos. Or they may be willing to come to your home to do outdoor photos in your yard.

I personally have a list of secluded locations that I love photographing at that my clients have been loving this season!

collage of socially distanced photos

How Family Photos Happen in the Time of COVID-19

Your photographer should be able to give you an explanation of what you can expect from them in terms of posing, directing, and the viewing of the photos after the session.

They may have to stop more often to give feedback on posing rather than adjusting you themselves. This distancing is especially important when dealing with newborns, very young children, or anyone with ongoing health issues.

Safe Family Photos

Things You Can Do To Stay Safe During Family Photos

It’s important to discuss with your family how the session is going to go, and what they need to do to stay safe. This is especially important with small children who may not understand social distancing boundaries.

  • Carry hand sanitizer with you
  • Wear masks whenever you are not being photographed
  • Ask that the photographer wears a mask at all times
  • If at a studio setting, have everyone wash their hands upon arrival
  • No hugging or handshakes with the photographer
  • Do not linger after the session
  • When arriving home, change clothes and shower
  • Limit contact as possible for two weeks leading up to your session

With a little bit of coordination, there’s a lot you can do to make a family portrait session as safe as possible.

Along with following a lot of the guidelines I’ve listed here, I’m personally working with each and every one of my clients to make sure they not only have an enjoyable experience, but a safe one as well.

Rather than letting this time pass you by because it is a hard time in history, a celebration of your family with a portrait session can be so meaningful to everyone.

Interested in a safe socially distance family session?

Contact me here if you have any questions and let’s schedule something!

Simple-Cake Smash Cincinnati Ohio

Simple Cake Smash Cincinnati Ohio | Simply Cake Smash Photos

Cake and baby giggles, could there be anything better?  Simply Cake Smashes are one of my very favorite sessions to do because the personality of the photos is as individual as the newly turned one-year-old.

The focus is on the fun, which is why I keep these sweet sessions simple and timeless. A white backdrop and a giant cupcake set the scene for baby Bentley’s cake smash, which went perfectly with his little Henley shirt and his gray overalls.

Most people think that kids will go nuts and dig right in, but it is surprising. Even if they love sweets, they can fool you!  It’s so funny to see the progression on Bentley’s face, from suspicious, to unsure, to pure delight!

Whatever your child does is fine! These funny faces and squishy fingers and toes in the cake are part of the fun. Anything goes, from cake on the nose to cake in the hair. We will capture it all!

Most people do the cake smash session for the one-year birthday, but cake smash sessions can be done until about the 15 months with success.

After the session, we clean it all up with a fun sudsy bath, and that’s when the giggles usually begin! All those sweet little baby rolls and dimples will be gone before you know it, so we capture all of that with this fun bubble bath.

Simply Cake Smash Sessions are done here in our cozy studio in Norwood and all you have to do is bring a willing birthday boy or girl. We keep the studio warm for baby’s comfort, and you don’t have to do any cleanup!


Here are the session details for your personalized Simply Cake Smash Session

  • Set up includes a plain white backdrop and giant cupcake
  • Sessions are appropriate for children ages one-year-old to 15 months
  • Siblings can be added to the session for an additional cost. Please indicate and pay at the time of booking, so we are prepared for additional subjects.
  • You’ll receive 15 fully edited digital photos in a private gallery available for immediate download
  • Additional photos beyond the 15 included are available for purchase

Interested in your own Simply Cake Smash? Check out more info here and book now 🙂

maternity portrait of father holding wifes pregnant belly

With the new decade just around the corner, the Brownfield family has something to look forward to in 2020. A New Year Baby!

Their baby is due right around the beginning of the new year, and while the gender is going to be a surprise, the love that surrounds the sweet little one is no surprise. Mom and Dad are ready!

Maternity photos are often the ones to get cut out of the budget because of the “big changes around the corner.” But I have to tell you, these “between” parts of your life are something to celebrate!

Years later looking at these photos I know it will mean so much to see that Baby Brownfield bump and remember the feeling of becoming first-time parents.

Seeing the tenderness and anticipation of their new life to come is so gratifying to me as a family photographer.

 I love capturing maternity sessions outside where everyone can be more natural and relaxed. Fall is always a fantastic time to do the session.

29-32 weeks of pregnancy is the best time to take photos when your belly is sweetly round, before it begins to drop in preparation for birth. 

Lots of women feel self-conscious about maternity sessions, but please don’t. I work with you and your partner to put you into cozy and intimate poses that show off your love and anticipation.

Not sure what to wear? Just ask! I’m happy to guide you, but if you feel beautiful you will look beautiful.

 The photos from your maternity session will be ones you cherish. Plus it’s so fun for little kids to see photos of them in mommy’s belly when they are older!

Details about my most popular bump and baby sessions are here: Watch Me Grow Packages. I  have packages that cover every important milestone from maternity bump photos through the first birthday cake smash!

There’s no other time in your life that is as important to be documented with photos. I can also assure you there’s no other time in your life that will go by faster!

Let’s work together to choose the perfect plan for your beautiful new family.

Contact me here if you have any questions!

Cincinnati Photography Cake Smash & Connor’s 1-Year-Old Photos

Cincinnati Photography Cake Smash & Connor’s 1-Year-Old Photos

Happy New Year! There’s nothing like a baby to help you realize how fast a year goes by. It’s a cliché, but it’s true; with babies, the days are long, and the years fly by.  Connor is already one!

One-year-old cake smashes so much fun, and one of my favorite things to photograph because you just never know what the kids are going to do.  Will they smile, laugh? Cry? Eat the cake as fast as they can, or be scared of the texture of the frosting? You have to ready for any of it!

I like to keep things simple but beautiful when it comes to cake smash photos. After all, cake smashes are about getting messy!  Overalls have always been one of my favorite outfits for little boys, and don’t you love how they match Connor’s baby blue eyes?

Let Them Be Little

Let them be kids, let them eat cake and let them be barefoot; these sessions are a celebration of an important year!

Isn’t this wall of balloons just a fun backdrop? We wanted the theme to be blues, golds, and whites. It’s simple but festive and doesn’t distract from the real fun; seeing Connor dig into that birthday cake of his.

As you can see, he did not disappoint. That boy likes some cake! Before long, he was ALL IN, digging into the cake, squishing fingers and toes. It was just a blast, and I think he liked us laughing at him as much as the cake!

Then, we finished off the photo session with a little tub time to get the icky sticky off, playing with a rubber ducky and showing off what his momma gave him. These are often some of the most adorable photos in the session!

Happy birthday Connor!  It’s so wonderful to see you grow!

Want to see some other adorable Cake Smash sessions? Check out one here!

children and santa look in magical storybook in awe

There’s nothing like the combination of Christmas and children.  It’s nothing short of magical seeing the world through their eyes at that time of the year. Do you remember when you first met Santa?

Magical Sets

When I dream up what these sessions will be like I always try to make sure everything is perfect, so the experience is incredible for the kids. I approach the scene with a different look every year to make it fun and fresh. I consider every single prop and placement of the decorations.

For the kids, this is more than a photo session!  They get cookies and a gift from the jolly old elf himself! I know that for many of them, this is going to be their first memory of meeting Santa and that’s really special to me.

Cozy in their jammies or dressed in their Christmas best, they get to sit with Santa and talk about their year, what Christmas means to them, and of course, what they hope will be left under the tree.

This is so much fun for the kids and so peaceful and wonderous. Not at all like standing in a line in the mall and being put in a stranger’s lap!

Christmas Storybooks

This was the first year that I made the Christmas Storybooks, and they were a huge hit!  I’ll definitely be doing those again because everyone thought they made the perfect Christmas present.

This year, I wanted a nighttime scene to give a sense of quiet wonder for the sessions. Soft lamplight, muted tones, and a sense of Silent Night are what I was thinking.

After the sessions, I wanted that “twinkly Christmas feeling,” so special editing on the Christmas tree, bags and lamps were applied. I think you can feel the magic in these photos!

These sessions were such a joy to photograph, and I love the cuddles and the laughter. It is so gratifying to see my clients share their storybook with their loved ones. Don’t miss this event next year!

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six month old baby lays on blanket in sunset

When all the kids in kindergarten start talking about how they got their names, this little girl’s story is going to be the coolest of them all.

Her parents (whom I’ve known since she was born) are huge music fans. After she was born, once they were able to soak her up for a bit, they decided on a name for their baby

For three days, she was just baby girl until they decided on the perfect name for her: Layla. After the iconic Eric Clapton song.

Sweet little Layla and I had some fun together creating her six-month-old portraits at the park on a picture-perfect autumn day.

I love photographing kids outside because I love the looks on their faces when they take in the feel of the wind on their face, and all the different textures, smells and sounds.

There’s something really special about the first year, and as a photographer, it’s always so humbling to see familiar faces again and again. I always feel like such a silly adult when I see the kids and say things like “Look how you have grown!” but it’s true!

That first year really is phenomenal. In the space of a year, they go from these tiny little blobs to these walking and sometimes even talking little humans.  Photographing this stage of their lives is just amazing.

A few weeks after this session I got to photograph Layla again for her photo session with Santa and I swear she had grown another inch!

I’m so thankful for the Cowen family and their trust, and that I get to see little Layla grow. I’m so happy to be your family photographer and I can’t wait to see her soon for her first-year birthday and her cake smash photos!

Santa Sessions like what Layla had are Sold Out but we still have Christmas Jammie Minis! Sign Up Here

hyde park baby photography

Hyde Park Baby Photography and Fall Fun with Emmerson.

Photo sessions like this should be mandatory for 18-month kids! All they do is play, and I follow them around capturing time between baby and toddler with my camera. It is magical.

At this age, it’s all you can do to keep up with them!

Emmerson was living his best life! Blonde curls bouncing, blue eyes snapping, we took a wander around and let him explore.  

 I think that these types of sessions are important because, at an early age, children learn that getting their professional photos done can be FUN!

 It’s not all about stiff poses, uncomfortable clothes, and “saying cheese.” I like to let kids be kids!

No matter if we are in the studio or outside, I want to capture your children as they truly are.

Truth be told, this is one of my favorite ages because you can literally see them processing the world and everything around them.

What could be better than playing in the sunshine on a fall day, wiggling your fingers and toes in a puddle, and discovering all the things that nature gives us?

Don’t you love that look of pure joy as he reaches, muddy and happy, towards the sky?

Spending time with Emmerson was a reminder that there’s a big, bright world out there for us to be thankful for.

His orange sweatshirt was perfect and looked amazing in the autumn light that is upon us now. A cozy blanket, some fall mums, and that’s all you need to have an adorable fall-themed session.

And of course, he loved the wheelbarrow because anything with wheels is fascinating to children. We forget so quickly how interesting the world is, but children are a daily reminder of that.

Thanks for the fun day, Emmerson!

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