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When this sweet little man’s mom came to me to talk about his 1-year cake smash, she had a great vision for the set; simple balloons with die-cut baby sharks. Adorable!

So, as life would have it, quarantine happened, and his session got rescheduled and rescheduled again.

I’m so grateful for clients who understood and rolled with it because by the time we did his session, he was 14 months old. If there’s anything we’ve learned that time is just time, and we’re all a little bit more forgiving now, aren’t we? 

I’m in love with his little jeans and chubby belly! Keeping the outfits super simple keeps the focus on the faces and the set and brings out all those baby features that will soon fade away as they become toddlers.

This balloon set would work with any kind of theme! All you need to do is tell me your colors, and I can design something exactly for you and your birthday baby.

And as usual, Tres Belle Cakes knocked it out of the park with the Baby Shark cake. The colors match absolutely perfectly with the theme.

These cakes are so whimsical and the perfect size for cake smash sessions. They are definitely kid-tested and approved!

If your baby became a toddler quicker than you could imagine and you want to do a cake smash session, let’s go for it! Always happy to customize with your ideas! Book your session here.

Here are some ideas for themes: Pinterest

And here are some recent sessions: Cake Smash Sessions

First Cake Smash Hyde Park

First Cake Smash Hyde Park | Emilia’s Butterfly First Cake Smash

First cake smashes one of my favorite things to design. Each set has a sweet little theme that matches the birthday baby’s personality, likes, or favorite things!

For birthday girl Emilia, mom wanted something purple, so we chose a butterfly theme. I’m so excited at how these turned out!

One of the things I always have in mind when designing these sets is that the scene has a little bit of depth to it. While some of that can be controlled with camera settings, I do give a lot of thought to how the different items will look in the scene.

The blossom tree is one of my favorite backdrops because it has such a soft look to it. Adding balloons in pastels, and a few touches of gold and some vintage props gave it just the right pop. 

Can you believe all the hair this little one has??!! Oh my gosh, with those deep chocolate brown eyes and that hair!  Mom picked out just a darling outfit and headband, and it matched perfectly for her butterfly cake smash.

And speaking of smashing, it, Tres Belle Cakes did it again. Isn’t it just the sweetest?

If you are struggling with what outfit to put your baby in for a cake smash session, this is a great example of one that works well because it’s so pretty but didn’t compete with the items on the set. Keeping it simple is always best!

Emilia loved the frosting and was not shy about helping herself to cake (a girl after my own heart), but she really loved the bubble bath at the end. It’s funny that sometimes that’s when the big smiles come out, and she splish splashed away and had a great time.

Cake smashes are fun for everyone, and they are one of my favorite things to photograph. It’s a special milestone, and the beginning of their toddlerhood. And of course, there’s cake, and any day that has cake is a good day!

I’d love to talk to you about your baby’s upcoming birthday and a cake smash session designed for them. Book as soon as you start thinking about it for the best time slot! 

And if you need more inspiration for your cake smash session, follow me on Pinterest or check out my theme pages on my website

Cake Smash Photography Hyde Park Ohio

I love collaborating with parents on cake smash photography. From Hyde Park to Indian Hill we have families all over Cincinnati. It’s so fun to hear their ideas and to begin to piece together the items in the studio we can use, and then, of course, it’s also fun to go out and buy some new props!

For this sweet girl’s birthday cake smash session, her mom had dreams of a big winter wonderland scene, full of things that felt indulgent and sparkly.

She chose the most adorable puffy taffeta skirt, which added to the theme; it looked like it was made out of cotton candy!

With the lighted trees, gold and platinum accents, and the cascade of gold beads, we got that beautiful, soft sparkly look she wanted.

Now, some kids love the cake, and it’s a blast to see them dig in. Others are a little more cautious, and it’s so funny to me that you can’t always predict which way they will go!

She had a few dainty tastes, showing off those big blue eyes of hers, and then she was like, “I’m done.”

But once again, saving the day… the bubble bath! Then we started seeing those bright smiles.

And that pink turban!  Can you even with it? It’s little touches like this that can make the photos even more memorable.

Let’s work together to create the perfect cake smash scene for your baby!  It doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you want or you need some guidance; I’m here to help make the magic happen.

And if you need more inspiration for your cake smash session, follow me on Pinterest or check out my theme pages on my website

Schedule your appointment so you grab the best time, and then we’ll begin to create together!

Cincinnati Cake Smash Session with Peach Theme

Look at little Georgia; isn’t she a peach? I was so excited when her parents and I began to design her One Year Cake Smash Session.

If you’re wondering who chooses all the props and who comes up with the ideas, it’s really a collaborative effort. Some parents have lots of ideas, and others have a theme but then let me do my thing picking out the props and the look. To help with ideas, we share a Pinterest board, pinning things we like and ideas for the theme.

For Georgia’s, I knew that we’d pick from a palette of soft pinks, oranges, and light blue to compliment her peaches and cream complexion and her beautiful strawberry red hair and blue eyes. 

I look over the ideas, check my stash of props to see anything that might complement the set and then, get to shopping! This was the first time for this theme, and I just loved it.

For One Year Cake Smash Sessions, no two sets are exactly alike. Though some people often request a theme I’ve already done, there’s always a special twist that is added in.

The cake was the perfect touch; look at that gorgeous creation from Tres Belle Cake. They never disappoint!

Georgia loved the cake; she got right in there and had a great time and painted herself up good with frosting from head to toe.

Afterward, it was bathtime, and boy did she light up for that. As we washed off the sticky stuff, we played with bubbles.

So many cute photos of this little sweetheart! Is your little one celebrating a first birthday soon? Get in touch, and let’s plan your cake smash!

one year old in science lab

Kapow! These photos are the cutest, don’t you think? Check out this fantastic idea with our own Baby Bruce Banner morphing from a sweet one-year-old to Baby Incredible Hulk.

I love it when parents really embrace the fun of the cake smash. This rite of passage from baby to toddler can be bittersweet, to be sure. But it’s also a whole lot of fun to see their personalities emerge!

Mom and dad encouraged me to run wild with ideas. I knew that this particular set would need to both have that nerdy-scientist thing and a bit of Gotham to set the mood. The glasses on him and the green bow tie were the perfect finishing touch.

Some kids would balk at the idea of a bright green cake, but not Baby Bruce! What started out as a shy small and a taste quickly morphed into him getting totally into it. Mom and dad said this was right along with his personality, always curious and adventurous.

Ideas like this are what can personalize your cake smash session.  As it turned out, this was one of my most popular posts on social media.

Then, after all the cake was smeared, eaten, and squished in, it was time for cleanup in our signature bubble bath to end the session. I love this part of the session because, after the sugar high, the water and bubbles are the perfect ending. Some of the sweetest photos come from this part of the session!

The sky is the limit, so let’s come up with some themes for you soon to be one year old! I love it when my clients can inject something meaningful to their family into the session. I have a ton of cool props at hand, or if you have something specific in mind, I’m happy to source props to make it the perfect end to the best first year. Get it touch to set your Cincinnati Cake Smash session!

Cincinnati Family Portrait Session & What to Wear

What to wear in photographs is one of the most popular questions I get before a session. The days of being all “matchy-matchy” are over, and I always encourage people to embrace their unique individuality in their photos.

Cincinnati Family Portrait Session

Here are the top 10 tips for wardrobe and accessories for your photos.

  1. Stick to primary colors or their close version. Flouresecnts cast weird colors on faces and tend to come and go in trends. 
  2. If we are taking photos in a green area such as a park, don’t wear green clothing.  Wearing it as an accent color is fine, though!
  3. Start with one outfit you like and build around it for everyone else.
  4. Wear what feels good! Avoid overly fussy clothes you or your kids aren’t comfortable in. That goes for shoes, too.
  5. Layering adds dimension and provides a different look. Think hats, scarves, cardigans, and statement jewlery.
  6. Wear clothes that fit well. Baggy, saggy clothes do not make you look slimmer!
  7. Coordination, not matching. Go ahead and mix and match patterns too, as long as they are in the same color palette
  8. Keep it simple for newborn session. Grey, black white, is great because it doesn’t overpower the baby’s beauty and simplicity.
  9. Dress for the weather and be flexible. You know that the weather is changeable here, so have a plan B (or layer!)
  10. Dress for the scene. A suit or a fussy dress on a little kid in a forest setting will look weird, and your personality won’t come through.

The point of your photo session is that the photos represent you and your family as you are right now. We want you to look and feel fabulous and comfortable because that will shine through in the photographs. 

Keep your wardrobe as simple as possible, and be sure to stress to everyone involved in the photos that these session are going to be fun! 

If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I’ll help you prepare for your family session from start to finish so you’ll all be looking your best!

Sunflower Minis Cottel Park | Summer Fun Sessions

One of the best parts of living in Cincinnati is that we get four seasons to take photos in! I love every season for different reasons, mostly because of the variety we can take advantage of.

Summer Fun Sessions

Summer Fun Sessions

Outdoor sessions in the summer are one of my favorites because the longer days mean that time seems to slow down a little bit. Is there anything better than that perfect summer evening near sunset when it’s warm enough to not even need a light sweater?  

It’s the perfect time for family photos because the kids are off school, and we can play a little bit along with taking photos. There’s a ton of options to do the photos from your own backyard to one of our many parks; ask me and I’m happy to give you suggestions on locations!

All Outdoor Child and Family sessions include 60-90 minutes of photography and 25 digitally retouched images. You can feel that slight nip of fall in the air in the mornings now, so if you want summer-like photos then schedule ASAP here!

Fall Minis Are Coming!

Bright and bold sunflower minis at Cottel Park, fall mini sessions at French Park and at Ault Park are some of our favorite locations. Each offers a different look and has different backdrops that you will love.

These sessions are a favorite because they are quick and easy. You’ll get 8 digitally retouched images to freshen up your family portfolio to print and display those you love most.

Stay tuned because we’ve got more locations coming soon, including cherry blossom minis and even an outdoor winter option.  Learn more about minis

One-Year-Old Cake Smashes

No matter when your little one turns one, cake smash sessions in the studio are great fun. These themed sessions are custom-designed for you!  We share a Pinterest board and it’s so much fun to see the vision come to life!

These sessions include a custom-designed birthday cake, balloons, and decorations to match. We finish the session with a warm bubble bath, which makes for adorable photos, and a clean kid to take home!

No matter what kind of session you schedule, indoors or out, please know that the studio is practicing the safest practices due to COVID-19. If you’d like to discuss your session, please reach out and I will be happy to explain how your session will be conducted safely! 

Schedule your cake smash today!

Cincinnati Watch Me Grow Packages | Maternity, Newborn, and 1-Year-Old Cake Smash Photos

In the two years from the time you get pregnant until your baby celebrates their first birthday, your life is filled with more changes than any other time in your life. The time goes even more quickly than you can imagine!

These are the days that are filled with miracle and wonder! From the moment you feel that first fluttering until you welcome them into the world, it’s so important that these moments are marked, celebrated, and documented.

My watch me grow packages are designed for the parents-to-be who don’t want to miss a moment. Starting with the maternity session through the cake smash, we can customize a package that is perfect for you.


Maternity sessions are done indoors or outdoors, and I am always happy to assist with ideas!  We can choose the color palate and set option that you love for indoor sessions. For outdoor sessions, we’ll talk about the look and feel of the session that you are going for and build on your dreams. These photos are so important because they show your children, just how loved they were before they were even born.

Newborn Photos

Taken in the first few weeks after baby is born, these sessions mark the fleeting time of a newborn baby and all the sweetness they bring. From those tiny fingers and downy hair, every little bit of your baby is captured! So you’ll remember what it was like when you met your little love. These sessions are done in the studio, and parents are encouraged to be photographed in the session too!

6 Month Session/9 Month Session

There are so many changes in a baby’s life between 6 and 9 months! They go from being a squishy little butterbean to sitting up on their own and engaging with people and the outside world. You can do one of these sessions or both. I love both because it’s really amazing to see the difference in these photos that are only three months apart!

1-Year Old Cake Smash

The iconic celebration! We’ll celebrate this remarkable year in the studio with a cake for the birthday kid to taste (or smash, or smush!)  as well as some beautiful portraits of them on a set of your choosing to mark the occasion. These sessions are when we really see their personality shine!

I can’t think of a better way to mark the change in your family by having professional portraits made from maternity through one year. Have questions about which sessions are right for you? Here’s more information on my Watch Me Grow Sessions, or get in touch with me here!

Cincinnati Newborn Sessions | Safe Newborn Photos

Oh, how I love photographing newborns. One of the saddest things to me was thinking about all those sweet babies that I wasn’t able to photograph during the shutdown!  Luckily now, with careful sanitation and precautions, I’m back to photographing newborns!

At the studio, I take your health very seriously, and that’s especially elevated when it comes to newborns. So while I might not be able to do as much baby snuggling as I used to, by wearing a mask and getting mom and dad in on the posing, it’s safe to have families back in and get those special photos.

To get those squishy, curly, special photos of newborns, it’s best to have them done within the first two weeks of birth. Before baby starts stretching out and finding the world and when they are still sleepy and less alert.

Parents and Siblings

Photos can be done just of the baby, but I always encourage parents and siblings to get in on the fun for a few photos to commemorate this amazing time when you’ve added on to the family!

I have many different headbands and wraps for babies in the studio. So, you don’t have to bring anything to the session!  We can work together to choose the right aesthetic for the photos depending on where you want to hang them. 

Of course, if you have something special that was a gift, or that you bought bring it along. All of the props and wraps are fully sanitized between each session.

The studio is kept at a very warm and cozy temp for babies, so they don’t get chilled. However, adults may want to think about wearing layers, so you don’t get too overheated!  

The goal is always safety first when it comes to newborns, so any of the poses you see here are done with parents just out of camera frame.

If you’re expecting or adding on to your family, I’d love to talk to you more about newborn sessions. All the sessions include time and talent and digital files, depending on the session that you book.

More information can be found here about the sessions, or call me at (513) 659-5840. 

Non-Traditional Session | Cincinnati Maternity Session

If there’s one good thing to come out of 2020, it’s that more and more people realize the fact that life is too short to not do it on your own terms.

MD and Adam are expecting a baby and decided that their Cincinnati maternity session should be… shall we say, unconventional?

I have not laughed this hard in a session in… well…

I’m not sure I have ever laughed as much behind the camera. 

They wanted the session to be as bold and as quirky as they are, showing off all their favorite things. Food and fun were definitely what they wanted to be highlighted, and MD said the best part about being pregnant is being able to eat all the things!

We looked for areas that had fun and interesting backdrops; the weirder, the better! It’s one of the things I love about urban sessions, a painted door or a funky mural is all you need.

These two are going to be amazing parents! When Adam busted out the watermelon, I thought, “this kid is going to be endlessly entertained.”

Having a baby anytime is a bit stressful, but having a baby during a pandemic adds another layer of uncertainty. Still, these two are full-on embracing all life has to offer and running with it.

You can feel when you are with MD and Adam that they don’t take themselves too seriously and that they truly love being together.

I can only imagine when baby arrives, their circle is going to be even more complete. Thank you for such a fun and amazing session, and for being a bit of light in the world when we all need it.

I can’t wait to see what life has in store for your new family!

Book your own fun maternity session here!

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