Cake Smash Photography Hyde Park | Winter Wonderland Cake Smash

Cake Smash Photography Hyde Park | Winter Wonderland Cake Smash

Cake Smash Photography Hyde Park Ohio

I love collaborating with parents on cake smash photography. From Hyde Park to Indian Hill we have families all over Cincinnati. It’s so fun to hear their ideas and to begin to piece together the items in the studio we can use, and then, of course, it’s also fun to go out and buy some new props!

For this sweet girl’s birthday cake smash session, her mom had dreams of a big winter wonderland scene, full of things that felt indulgent and sparkly.

She chose the most adorable puffy taffeta skirt, which added to the theme; it looked like it was made out of cotton candy!

With the lighted trees, gold and platinum accents, and the cascade of gold beads, we got that beautiful, soft sparkly look she wanted.

Now, some kids love the cake, and it’s a blast to see them dig in. Others are a little more cautious, and it’s so funny to me that you can’t always predict which way they will go!

She had a few dainty tastes, showing off those big blue eyes of hers, and then she was like, “I’m done.”

But once again, saving the day… the bubble bath! Then we started seeing those bright smiles.

And that pink turban!  Can you even with it? It’s little touches like this that can make the photos even more memorable.

Let’s work together to create the perfect cake smash scene for your baby!  It doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you want or you need some guidance; I’m here to help make the magic happen.

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