Cincinnati Cake Smash Session | Sweet as a Georgia Peach

Cincinnati Cake Smash Session | Sweet as a Georgia Peach

Cincinnati Cake Smash Session with Peach Theme

Look at little Georgia; isn’t she a peach? I was so excited when her parents and I began to design her One Year Cake Smash Session.

If you’re wondering who chooses all the props and who comes up with the ideas, it’s really a collaborative effort. Some parents have lots of ideas, and others have a theme but then let me do my thing picking out the props and the look. To help with ideas, we share a Pinterest board, pinning things we like and ideas for the theme.

For Georgia’s, I knew that we’d pick from a palette of soft pinks, oranges, and light blue to compliment her peaches and cream complexion and her beautiful strawberry red hair and blue eyes. 

I look over the ideas, check my stash of props to see anything that might complement the set and then, get to shopping! This was the first time for this theme, and I just loved it.

For One Year Cake Smash Sessions, no two sets are exactly alike. Though some people often request a theme I’ve already done, there’s always a special twist that is added in.

The cake was the perfect touch; look at that gorgeous creation from Tres Belle Cake. They never disappoint!

Georgia loved the cake; she got right in there and had a great time and painted herself up good with frosting from head to toe.

Afterward, it was bathtime, and boy did she light up for that. As we washed off the sticky stuff, we played with bubbles.

So many cute photos of this little sweetheart! Is your little one celebrating a first birthday soon? Get in touch, and let’s plan your cake smash!