Cincinnati Watch Me Grow Packages | Maternity, Newborn, and 1-Year-Old Cake Smash Photos

Cincinnati Watch Me Grow Packages | Maternity, Newborn, and 1-Year-Old Cake Smash Photos

In the two years from the time you get pregnant until your baby celebrates their first birthday, your life is filled with more changes than any other time in your life. The time goes even more quickly than you can imagine!

These are the days that are filled with miracle and wonder! From the moment you feel that first fluttering until you welcome them into the world, it’s so important that these moments are marked, celebrated, and documented.

My watch me grow packages are designed for the parents-to-be who don’t want to miss a moment. Starting with the maternity session through the cake smash, we can customize a package that is perfect for you.


Maternity sessions are done indoors or outdoors, and I am always happy to assist with ideas!  We can choose the color palate and set option that you love for indoor sessions. For outdoor sessions, we’ll talk about the look and feel of the session that you are going for and build on your dreams. These photos are so important because they show your children, just how loved they were before they were even born.

Newborn Photos

Taken in the first few weeks after baby is born, these sessions mark the fleeting time of a newborn baby and all the sweetness they bring. From those tiny fingers and downy hair, every little bit of your baby is captured! So you’ll remember what it was like when you met your little love. These sessions are done in the studio, and parents are encouraged to be photographed in the session too!

6 Month Session/9 Month Session

There are so many changes in a baby’s life between 6 and 9 months! They go from being a squishy little butterbean to sitting up on their own and engaging with people and the outside world. You can do one of these sessions or both. I love both because it’s really amazing to see the difference in these photos that are only three months apart!

1-Year Old Cake Smash

The iconic celebration! We’ll celebrate this remarkable year in the studio with a cake for the birthday kid to taste (or smash, or smush!)  as well as some beautiful portraits of them on a set of your choosing to mark the occasion. These sessions are when we really see their personality shine!

I can’t think of a better way to mark the change in your family by having professional portraits made from maternity through one year. Have questions about which sessions are right for you? Here’s more information on my Watch Me Grow Sessions, or get in touch with me here!