Safe Family Photos Cincinnati Ohio | Family Photos During Covid-19

Safe Family Photos Cincinnati Ohio | Family Photos During Covid-19

For many families, having portraits done yearly is a tradition that helps them mark time and revel in the growth of their family.  

Family photos are a reminder of what is really important in your life. There has been no time in recent history that it’s been clearer than after spending months sheltering in place with the COVID-19 pandemic; family is everything.

However, it can be unclear how to many people how family photos can be safely taken as we begin to reopen. Since there is no vaccine or cure at this time, it’s important that everyone involved with the process of having a family photo made adheres to the most recent safety standards.

If you’re unsure of where to start, here are some things you can talk about with your photographer and a few things you can expect.

Safe Family Photos during covid 19

Ask About Safety Measures in Studio Settings

If your photographer works out of a brick and mortar studio, ask them to detail their process of cleaning and sanitizing, as well as how they are able to pose you while maintaining a safe distance.

Safety Precautions You May See:

  • The photographer Wearing masks and/or gloves during the session
  • Taking temperatures of family members
  • Only allowing family members who live together in the studio
  • Showing how to pose by having you mirror them
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all equipment between sessions
  • Limiting sessions to one or a few a day
  • Providing hand sanitizer
  • Asking clients to remove shoes

For me and my studio, I’m only accepting 2 studio sessions per day so I have enough time to clean and sterilize the studio between sessions. Newborn sessions will always be the first session of the day. All toys and products have also been removed from my space, and snacks will no longer be provided. All newborn wraps and baby outfits will be sanitized and cleaned before any session as well.

Like many photographers, I’m also only allowing immediate family into the studio after a hands-free temperature check with a touch-free thermometer. I also ask that shoes are left at the door upon entry.

I will also be wearing a mask while families are in the studio as well as washing my hands and using hand sanitizer. I’ll also be changing my clothes upon entry to the studio and when I leave before entering my home, and showering immediately before I leave my home and after sessions.

For clients coming into my studio, I’m requesting that outside items from home be kept to a minimum.

In the event of an illness, I’m asking that anyone who was unwell be fever-free for 48 hours before rescheduling their session.

socially distanced family photos

Consider an Outdoor Family Portrait Sessions In More Remote Locations

Cincinnati summers can be hot, but I’m working with my clients to try and schedule as many outdoor family portrait sessions as possible.

Outdoor photo sessions allow for more air circulation and may allow for more social distancing measures.  Look for photographers who know of locations that are off the beaten path rather than locations that may be crowded like public parks and beaches.

Some photographers may even have land outside their studio that they use for outdoor photos. Or they may be willing to come to your home to do outdoor photos in your yard.

I personally have a list of secluded locations that I love photographing at that my clients have been loving this season!

collage of socially distanced photos

How Family Photos Happen in the Time of COVID-19

Your photographer should be able to give you an explanation of what you can expect from them in terms of posing, directing, and the viewing of the photos after the session.

They may have to stop more often to give feedback on posing rather than adjusting you themselves. This distancing is especially important when dealing with newborns, very young children, or anyone with ongoing health issues.

Safe Family Photos

Things You Can Do To Stay Safe During Family Photos

It’s important to discuss with your family how the session is going to go, and what they need to do to stay safe. This is especially important with small children who may not understand social distancing boundaries.

  • Carry hand sanitizer with you
  • Wear masks whenever you are not being photographed
  • Ask that the photographer wears a mask at all times
  • If at a studio setting, have everyone wash their hands upon arrival
  • No hugging or handshakes with the photographer
  • Do not linger after the session
  • When arriving home, change clothes and shower
  • Limit contact as possible for two weeks leading up to your session

With a little bit of coordination, there’s a lot you can do to make a family portrait session as safe as possible.

Along with following a lot of the guidelines I’ve listed here, I’m personally working with each and every one of my clients to make sure they not only have an enjoyable experience, but a safe one as well.

Rather than letting this time pass you by because it is a hard time in history, a celebration of your family with a portrait session can be so meaningful to everyone.

Interested in a safe socially distance family session?

Contact me here if you have any questions and let’s schedule something!