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The Lights Fest

I love summer. Experiencing new things through my children’s eyes is why I enjoy documentary photography so much. Capturing the awe and wonder my children see in my camera fills my heart with so much delight! When I bought tickets for The Lights Fest this summer, I could hardly wait to see their reactions. I knew this would blow their minds. Goodness gracious, The Lights Fest did not disappoint!

Cincinnati Family PhotographyOur tickets were purchased as soon as they were released – hello discount! It had been raining the entire week before and I was so nervous we would have terrible weather and we would miss this opportunity. Turns out it was a beautiful and HOT day!
Cincinnati Family Photography
We arrived a little after 5pm, way too early if you have a two year old with you ;). We played & spun in the fairgrounds, chased bubbles (and our two year old runner), ate tons of snacks, and drank all the drinks lol. 
Our kids spent time decorating their lanterns. Isabel got creative and turned hers into a spin-off of Tangled. Eli wrote about all the people he loves on his, such a Eli thing to do. And, Sam, he punched a huge hole in his throwing a epic temper tantrum. Also, a very Sam thing to do. Two years old’s, yeash.
Her lantern looks great, doesn’t it? She is definitely the family artist!We grabbed a few family pictures too as the sun was setting. You know how much I love sun flare during the golden hour! By the time it was approaching lantern time, everyone seemed to be fading fast. The 9:45 lantern launch time really pushed their fatigue and patience.

As all the lanterns rose in the air, the MC played Hallelujah, and I was officially I was speechless. One of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. Eric was even awe struck and mentioned how cool it was to see all the lanterns floating in the air.

Sam could hardly contain his excitement.  (I am so glad I caught this on video!)

The Launch

The Lights Fest was a total win, even with a two year old! It was a one of a kind experience that I will treasure! Check out the lanterns for yourself!

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