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My first 365 Project | 365 Project 2017

365 Project 2017

I can’t hardly believe it but, I finished my first 365 project 2017. When I started the year I wasn’t sure if I could actually complete the entire year. A picture a day on top of editing felt super overwhelming. I knew we were facing one of the hardest years in our lives with our sons pending health issues so I knew I wanted to document it. So I made a choice each day to do it. When you take things day by day, they seem far less overwhelming.

There is no doubt this year was brutally hard. My middle son had two brain surgeries this spring, my uncle was killed tragically in a car accident, and my Dad died after a very short battle with esophageal cancer. But this year was also incredible. A dream I’ve had for years came to fruition, I opened my very own studio in a retail location, my son who I had been watching get sicker and sicker with each passing day, was finally healed, my relationship with my ex husband has started to be restored, and through all the suffering watching my Dad die, I have learned to how to love more deeply than ever before.

So here it is. My 365 project. All 365 images. The good. The bad. The gloriously happy moments. And everything boring that is in between. It’s a long post but I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my family <3

If you’d like to start a 365 project of your own in 2018, I wrote a post about how to get started. You can also join my Facebook group if you are like me and need a little accountability to keep going 🙂




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