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Tips & Tricks for a Successful Cake Smash | Cincinnati Cake Smash Photographer

Preparing for your child’s cake smash session

Tips & Tricks for a Successful Cake Smash Session

As a Cincinnati Cake Smash photographer, I have shot dozens of cake smash sessions. Parents are often times so worried about getting the perfect pictures of their kids to mark such a fun milestone in their son or daughters lives. So Mom & Dad, here it is, my best tips & tricks for a successful cake smash session

Tips & Tricks for a Successful Cake Smash Session

1. Come up with a theme you can get excited about.

Your cake smash is a investment and, of course, you want to love it! The clearer you are with your theme, the better your photographer can prepare and work with your local bakery to create an amazing cake. My son loves donuts, so it only seemed natural to go with a donut theme for our son’s session!

How to Prepare for your Child How to Prepare for your Child

2. Practice eating cake ahead of time.

Often times kids don’t love the sticky feeling of icing on their hands and refuse to touch it. I suggest buying some small cupcakes a week or two before your session. They don’t have to eat it but let them experiment with the texture and playing in the cake and icing. I am sure it

3. Be patient and let your baby settle in to the session, and get used to the camera.

Your child might cry, almost all of them do 🙂 Even mine (see below LOL)! Cake smashes can feel overwhelming to little ones. Between the giant cake, the lighting, and a camera in their face, it can be hard for a little one. Let’s face it, as awesome as it might seem to us adults to have a giant cake all to ourselves, it’s pretty overwhelming to a baby to have a cake half the size of them sitting in front of the them. Eventually they calm down, get comfortable with me & the camera, and figure out that this is actually fun!

How to Prepare for your Child How to Prepare for your Child How to Prepare for your Child How to Prepare for your Child4. Bring your child in something that fits well.

I know as parents we all want to maximize our child’s wardrobe and buy things a little big. The last thing you want in pictures is for your child to be distracted by bulky clothing. For this donut session, I had to adjust my son’s clothing mid session because his suspenders kept falling down and he was paying more attention to the suspenders than eating donuts. I should listen to my own advise more often lol.
How to Prepare for your Child

5. Come with your child’s favorite snacks on hand.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts in practicing ahead of time, your child might just not be into the cake. In that case, we just have to fake it until we make it. I have snacks on hand in the studio but sometimes we need your child’s favorite snacks to trick them into eating cake. We will just take those snacks and stick them into the back of the cake to give the appearance they are actually eating the cake.

How to Prepare for your Child

6. Have some cold milk on hand.

Eating cake and all that sugar, works up a serious thirst.  Also, let’s be honest, is there anything better than cake and a tall cold glass of milk?

7. Parent’s, come dressed in something that is OK to get messy in.

As a Cincinnati Cake Smash photographer, I never wear anything nice to cake smash sessions. My shooting wardrobe often consists of black lularoe leggings and a cheap cotton tunic. Kids are climbing all over me and I am often times climbing through icings and have more icing on me than the baby. As a result, my clothes are covered. If they get ruined with icing, I am not heartbroken if I have to throw it away.Your kid will be covered by the end of your session and it never fails, they want to be picked up while they are covered. I keep towel in the studio for wrapping but no matter how much I try to prevent it, a parent always gets icing on something.

Don’t worry! I do send your kids home clean. I wrap up every session with a nice warm bubble bath session. Sometimes we even bring cake into the bath. Even then, I promise to send your baby home squeaky clean!

8. Most of all, just have fun!

Sit back and relax, and let me do the work. I am am confident that I will give you beautiful images. No matter how the session went in your eyes, I guarantee we got some amazing images your are going to treasure for years!

How to Prepare for your ChildI’d love to hear any other tips & tricks you have learned in the comments below <3

Finally, thank you to my favorite Cincinnati Bakeries, Tres Belle Cakes for creating these beautiful custom donuts for us and 3 Sweet Girls Cakery for the incredible donut cake. And we will be back soon to order more Custom donuts another Custom Smash Cake!

How to book a Cake Smash session with Heather Elizabeth Studios.

This year Heather Elizabeth Studios will be introducing Milestone Packages to our list of services. A Milestone Package will include a Newborn Photography Session in our Newborn Studio, a Mini Session for 4 months of age, 8 months of age, and a Custom Cake Smash Session in our Cincinnati, Ohio studio. This package will include an 8×8 album of your baby’s first year for you to cherish and share for generations to come!

At Heather Elizabeth Studios it is our PASSION to document your child’s life. These years slip away so quickly, this makes capturing these moments so very important.

Contact your Cincinnati, Ohio Cake Smash Photographer to schedule your Milestone Session today.




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